Access Your Inner Powers and Thrive

I help entrepreneurs like you move beyond ordinary and create the life and business that you dream of and so deserve.

By using the power of your subconscious mind I help you to heal your relationship with money and yourself allowing you to rewrite your story.

I help you go beyond the business course, the coaching book, the financial advice and I use the most powerful tool of all and that is already within you, your subconscious mind.

I take your very own thoughts and desires and transform them into reality by unblocking your limiting beliefs, destroying your imposter syndrome, eradicating your visibility fears and rewriting your money story.

When we are born, we are born with a clean slate.  We are born expecting to be loved and nurtured, to be listened to and most importantly to THRIVE.  

That blue-print is already there inside us.  However, our experiences over the years cause us to question those beliefs and form new beliefs.  And, more often they are not even our beliefs, they are the beliefs of those around us, they belong to other people.  

These beliefs are often formed through hurt, heartache and negative experiences.

"Money doesn't grow on trees"

"You have to work hard for any success"

"Why would someone pay money to me, what do I know?"

"I'm not good enough to do that"

These are all things that I hear on a daily basis. 

These beliefs are beliefs that have been formed over a lifetime.   These beliefs form blocks that prevent your success.

Do you find that you never seem to be able to keep hold of money, there's always another bill that comes in to wipe out any money that you have created?  Or do you find that you never seem to be able to go above that £1k to £2k month no matter how hard you work?  Do you struggle to charge your worth?

Do you find yourself procrastinating and allowing fear to stop you from doing the things that you know will bring you success?

Do you have visibility blocks, do you worry about what others will think of your success and how that will feel to be judged for doing things your way?

Do you actually just deep down feel like you're not good enough?  Is there always another course?  Are you stuck comparing yourself to others and wondering why anyone would pay you for your offerings? 

Even though these beliefs seem hardwired, I can change that for you. By healing your past, releasing your fears, and rewiring your thoughts, actions and reactions I can support you on your journey to thriving. 

I use a unique blend of hypnosis, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), NLP and my own personal experiences to help people achieve their success.

Work with me to achieve success in all areas of your life. 

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