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You Are in Control

Do you suffer with anxiety, depression, past trauma or fears?  

Do you wake up everyday feeling overwhelmed and fearful of how you’ll get through the day?

I can help you Release, Rewire and Reset by combining past healing, mind rewiring and coaching to achieve the freedom that you had maybe even given up on.  Working with me can help you make quick and PERMANENT changes to your psyche, neural pathways and habits providing freedom from the constraints of your state of mind.    


Freedom from old thought patterns

Enjoy life again

Leaving fear behind

Regain joy and happiness


Brighter future

Enjoying peaceful sleep

Lifting your mood

Calm Thinking



I have worked with so many people where you are now.  Helping people find freedom from the limiting beliefs, blocks and fears that their past has given them.

When you were born into this life, you weren’t depressed, anxious, fearful and or suffering with low confidence or self-esteem.   This has came into your life through your life experiences.

Can you imagine how different your life would be if you still had that confident, happy, relaxed and happy mindset that you were born with?  The mindset that allows you to be motivated and excited about what life has to offer.

Now imagine how different your life could be if your past pain had been healed so you can be more loving and accepting and less critical towards that younger you, if YOU had that clear thinking, positive mindset and calmness as well as self-love and self-worth?

I have transformed so many people’s lives now using a unique mix of therapies, healing them from their past and changing their lives in so many positive ways to allow them to start enjoying life again rather than just surviving.

One to One Package

30-60 minute discovery call

3 hour transformational session

Personalised recording

30 day online and telephone support

30 minute coaching session

Cost - £250

Freedom From Anxiety Course

This is a 2 week course with the option of continuing on a month to month basis thereafter.

It includes hypnosis/meditation, Emotional Freedom Technique and Healy energy frequencies.

The cost is £47 for 2 weeks.

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