Diets Don't Work

You probably already know that diets don't work!

Let me help you rethink your relationship with food, exercise and body shape.

While portion control and exercise are two major factors in managing your weight sometimes you might find that although you “consciously” know what you should be doing, you just seem to be stuck in your old habits.


  • Over-eat

  • Eat the wrong type of food

  • Avoid exercise

  • Eat to relieve emotions

  • Keep falling back to your old bad eating habits despite your best intentions 

I can help you using the power of your mind to create new habits.  Using a mixture of hypnosis, CBT, NLP and my own experiences I can help you realise and understand why you overeat, heal and transform your actions and reactions to help you live a life of freedom from food related issues.

Online Group Package

Join a small group to work with me online take control of your eating habits.  

Prices - 1 month package - £150

1 group transformational session

3 recorded hypnosis sessions

1 guided meditation

Online support for the duration

3 month package - £350

4 group transformational sessions

8 recorded hypnosis sessions

1 guided meditation

Online support for the duration

One to One Prices

Work to me on a one to one basis where the sessions will be tailored to your individual needs.

4 - 3 hour transformational sessions

4 - personalised hypnotic recordings

4 - 30 minute private coaching sessions

Online and telephone support throughout.



Get access to your free guided relaxation session here that will enable you to be free from those destructive cravings at last.

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