No More Counting Sheep

February 28, 2016


Do you suffer from disrupted sleep?


Do you struggle to nod off?


Many of us have difficulty sleeping from time to times but usually this passes and we go back to sleeping as normal.  However, for some getting a decent nights sleep is a nightly battle.  


There are many reasons for sleepless nights, the most simple thing to help is making sure you are sleeping in the right environment such as a comfortable bed and in a dark, quiet bedroom that is neither cold or overly stuffy.  Then ofcourse avoidance of any stimulants eg. tea or coffee before bed.  Heavy meals and extreme excercise just before bed can also cause disruption of sleep together with screen time whether it be in front of computers or watching tv in bed.   These all seem quite obvious but I had one client who couldn't understand why they struggled to sleep after their nightly can of Red Bull!!


Hypnotherapy can really help with insonia and regaining your regular sleeping patterns.   By speaking direct to the sub-conscious mind and closing  down the 'noise' of the conscious mind is how hypnotherapy works.  It provides a natural and safe way to relax your body and mind allowing you to let go of any tension and stress that is causing your conscious mind to keep you awake.  


Normally I find one to three sessions are sufficient to get insomniacs back to their natural and healthy sleep patterns with sessions lasting between 60 and 90 minutes.  I also provide a cd of the session to allow you to listen to it while in bed to help you drift off to the land of nod and more importantly stay there until morning.  Providing the required amount of sleep to allow you to feel refreshed and ready for the day ahead.   


If you have problems sleeping, please give me a call or message me to discuss how I can help you to reclaim your sleep.

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