The Sweet Stuff!

March 11, 2016


ARE you a sugar addict?


Do you struggle to get through the day without reaching for a sweet treat?


You must be living on another planet not to have heard the latest research on the effects of sugar in our diet. It can severely damage our wellbeing, affecting our skin and leading to problems, such as premature ageing, obesity and type 2 diabetes.


It isn’t just that piece of cake or bar of chocolate that is poisoning your body with sugar.  Many every day foods such as bread, savoury sauces, low fat yoghurts and breakfast cereals are full of sugar. Many items that we have previously thought of as being the healthy option are hiding sugar in alarming quantities.  Making the food tastier and often to replace the taste where fat has been taken out.


Where fat used to be the enemy, scientists are now advising the huge amount of sugar we consume is making us unhealthy and causing ticking time bombs in relation to our health and well being.  It is estimated that in fact, the average person in Britain consumes about 700g or 140 teaspoons of sugar a week.  


And as for the misconception that sugar gives us a boost in energy, this is only temporary and makes us feel worse when our blood sugar levels crash shortly after eating it.  


Paul van der Velpen, the head of Amsterdam's health service, the Dutch capital city where the sale of cannabis is legalised, wants to see sugar tightly regulated."Just like alcohol and tobacco, sugar is actually a drug.  There is an important role for government. The use of sugar should be discouraged and users should be made aware of the dangers," he wrote on an official public health website. (taken from an article in the The Telegraph).


Sugar is highly addictive, people who have managed to cut it out of their diet report terrible withdrawal symptoms, including, headaches, shakes and nausea.  However, those that have managed to cut sugar from their diets report the great benefits in their health almost immediately.  These include :-


Weight loss

Saving money

Clearer skin and eyes

More energy and motivation

Reduced anxiety


Hypnotherapy can help you to cut out sugar from your diet and maintain a healthy diet.  Most people see benefits after just one session.   If you think you would benefit from cutting out sugar from your diet or you just want to take a healthier approach to eating please get in touch to discuss how hypnotherapy can help you.  





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