It wasn't so scary.

May 19, 2016

The following blog post has been added by a lovely day that has come to Weight Loss Therapy Classes.  I hope you find it interesting.


Well I think I can now officially say that I’ve tried it all, any way possible to lose weight.  Weight Watchers, Scottish Slimmers, Slimming World (put on weight following this one), Lighter Life (lost 3 stones and put 6 back on), not to mention the egg and grapefruit diet, the banana diet, the cabbage soup diet, the 5:2, Atkins and many, many more.  Even though I’m constantly on a diet, I seem to constantly put on weight.  I am now heavier than when I was pregnant with my children which shocks and saddens me.   


So when I saw Lynsay’s post on Facebook advertising her group hypnotherapy weight loss classes I thought – why not, what have I got to lose!  The thought of “rethinking my relationship with food, exercise and body image” just sounded fantastic but with my past record, I’ll be honest seemed highly unlikely.  However, I felt absolutely desperate to regain some sort of control around food.  I know what I should be eating and what I should be doing but just couldn’t find the willpower or motivation to make a difference.


When I contacted Lynsay she explained what it might feel like while under hypnosis, that I would just feel very relaxed and it was nothing like the tv.  Although Lynsay did put my mind at ease a bit I was still extremely nervous and a wee bit sceptical about the benefits as I really felt completely out of control when I was around food.  With children there was often chocolate cake, sweeties and biscuits in the house and it would call to me from the cupboard and I simply wouldn’t be happy until I’d eaten it and then I would feel horribly disappointed in myself.


So I found myself in the hall with another 9 lovely ladies, we all relaxed back in the chairs (the chairs were amazing, just like sun loungers) and listened to the relaxing music playing in the background while Lynsay talked us into relaxation.  She suggested that various parts of our bodies were relaxing and feeling heavier and then took us on a journey down through a garden and onto a beach.  We all had to imagine ourselves in various situations where we might be tempted to eat the wrong type of food or avoid exercise and then see ourselves change that scenario in our head and see ourselves choose the healthier option and or go and do that exercise.


What seemed like 5 minutes later she was counting us back to a wakeful state.  I was so shocked to realise that it had actually been 35 minutes that we were all in the chairs relaxing, some ladies said they hadn’t heard everything and had zoned out but Lynsay reassured them that that was fine, as she was speaking to our sub-conscious minds and it would have absorbed the information it needs to take in.



I have to admit that I felt very sceptical about the whole process beforehand, and a few others were the same, thinking that it would be impossible to make them go into such a relaxed state.  Also others mentioned feelings of being very nervous about what to expect.  However, when we all came round everyone reported to having a lovely lovely experience and of course were all really excited to find out what the week would bring and to see the changes that we might experience.  No matter what we were especially looking forward to coming back to have the same experience of extreme relaxation next week.  Watch this space!!!

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