I've Never Jumped Out of Bed

May 28, 2016



Week 2 of this lovely lady's experience at the Weight Loss Classes.  Oh my goodness, I feel like a new woman! 

The day after class I jumped, yes you heard me, jumped out of bed, I’ve not jumped out of bed, well I don’t think I’ve ever jumped out of bed even as a wee girl.  I felt energised and excited about the day ahead with a real feeling of motivation.  I was not expecting this, Lynsay had said we might not notice any real changes for a few days or a few weeks into the course, so this has been a lovely surprise?  I got the kids organised and away to school and off I went with the dog for my usual stroll, well the poor dog who is so lazy didn’t know what had happened, her wee legs didn’t touch the ground, we powered through our walk and went that extra few fields that I can never be bothered to do! 


The week continued like that where I could find that extra bit of energy at night to do that extra tidy, a few drawers were even sorted through that had been being ignored and had been for far too long. 

When it came to food I wasn’t sure if there was any difference at first.  It was so subtle and it wasn’t until a few days later that I noticed the changes that were happening without me having to make any effort.  The main thing was the cake and chocolate situation.  I did still put cake and chocolate into my shopping trolley.  However, when it was put away into the cupboards, that’s where it stayed unless the children were eating it.  Hubby got a shock too when he asked if I wanted some chocolate or a slice of cake with a cup of tea and I refused!  Yes you read that right I said “No”.  I have never been able to say no to cake or chocolate ever before!  It normally takes such a ginormous effort not to eat it for my breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as in-between.  But the most important thing is that I didn’t need any effort or willpower to say no, I simply didn’t want it.  Amazing.

When I returned to class this week, everyone had similar stories to tell and it was such a lovely experience that everyone was genuinely delighted with everyone’s success stories. 

I stood on the scales and had lost an amazing 3lbs.  That was the easiest 3lb I have ever lost.  I put no effort into that, I still ate normal meals, with no weighing, measuring or counting. 

This week we concentrated on reducing our temptation to overeat when feeling emotional, such us when we are upset, sad, worried or anxious.  I felt even more relaxed and comfortable than I did last week and soon drifted off into a lovely relaxing place hearing Lynsay’s voice and the lovely relaxing music, I couldn’t have stopped myself relaxing even if I tried.

I’m looking forward to this next week as I have a few things coming up that I know I get anxious about before and after and probably do overeat before and after the events so this is an ideal week to have this support.

I came away feeling very positive and happy that at last I think I might have just found something that is going to help me gain control around food, lose weight and lose this baby weight that has been hanging around for 14 years! 

I’m pleased and relieved to have met Lynsay who really understands that it’s not just about eating less and exercising more!! 


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