Feed An Itchy Knee With Cake!

June 17, 2016


Last week I mentioned that Lynsay had talked about emotional eating with us.  About times we would overeat because of feelings of loneliness, sadness, depression or even just boredom.  She used stories that really hit home with me, for instance you wouldn’t feed an itchy knee a cream cake and talked about a man that had been fed cake and ice cream when he was a child when upset.  It all made so much sense.  However, as she rightly said, we all know these things and quite often I know that I’m overeating because I’m sad or lonely but somehow there’s nothing I can do about it.  But by using hypnosis on us and talking to us about positive ways that we can change our thinking to prevent overeating in these situations while we were in a hypnotic state, it seems to stick. 


So as the week went on, I noticed more and more changes I was naturally making.  I noticed my tastes changing and when offered sweet things that I normally would have went back for seconds, thirds and probably more once I started I just wasn’t wanting.  I have to admit, at a child’s birthday party we came home with armfuls of cake and I did sit down at night with a cuppa and a bit of that cake.  After 2 mouthfuls I just didn’t want it, it didn’t taste like I thought it should and I was really aware of the cakey texture and just didn’t enjoy it.  When I mentioned it this week and there were a few others saying very similar things Lynsay suggested that it was linked to the fact that in the past we may have been eating these things because of an emotional need or want and because of the session last week we no longer need to feed these emotions with food.  Simple as that!!

That’s me dropped another 4lbs, so half a stone in just 2 weeks.  Loving this.  Who’d have thought I could just pitch up at a class, close my eyes for half an hour while listening to relaxing music and Lynsay’s voice and I would naturally and easily stop eating so much and so much of the wrong things. 


This week we have used the stomach reduction technique which is basically a virtual gastric band!!  The technique involves suggesting to the subconscious that our stomach size is restricted because of a band around the entrance, making us feel fuller much quicker.  Seemingly if we overeat more than the size of the very small ball Lynsay gave us we will feel nauseous and should have a horrid taste in our mouths.  Sounds completely crazy but like a few others in class I was very sceptical before I started and each week I have made fantastic, positive changes in only 2 weeks.  So here goes!!

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