Does your self-esteem need a boost?

October 2, 2016



It still never fails to shock me just how huge an impact low self esteem can have on a life.  I have heard people describe it as if they are living life by wading through treacle whenever they try to do anything.  It creeps into every corner of their life, making everything harder than it should be, and sucking the pleasure from life.

The effects of low self esteem are all around us. Broken or dysfunctional relationships, academic underachievement, feelings of loneliness and isolation, and behaviour that damages health and life.

Low self esteem may stop people from socialising and keeping friendships alive, cutting themselves off from the world. Low self esteem may cause people to drink excessively or overeat giving up on looking after their body or the way it looks. Or maybe it simply stops them from doing what they want to do, as they’ve run out of energy or believe that they’re not worth it and it's not worth pursuing.

Often people give up on themselves and their appearance.  Another tell-tale symptom is when they can’t be bothered to keep their surroundings/home clean and tidy.  Everything starts to feel overwhelming for them and they just don’t have enough energy to start the task of tidying or keeping the place tidy. 

Hypnosis is a respectful, gentle and natural way to alter the way a person thinks about themselves and can change a person’s ability to realise they are worth it, sometimes even in one session.

The conditioning that causes negative emotions and thoughts usually happened when the person was younger. It could have been long term criticism from a parent, a one-off comment from a teacher at a vulnerable moment, or an anxious period of life when they didn’t feel they had enough support.

The cause is really less important than the fact that any one of these experiences can lead to feelings of poor self esteem through strong focus. Which is why hypnosis is the natural way to quickly undo that learning, so people are free to be themselves.

Your opinion of yourself, what you think of your own 'worth', really does make a difference to your life. With higher self esteem, people notice that they actually do want to socialise more and believe they've got something to say that's worth hearing.  They will stop abusing their body and look after their physical health better.  They will say yes more at work, or school and start to progress towards what they really want out of life. 

So please if you feel like you are trudging through treacle please consider the benefits of using hypnotherapy to rapidly and naturally make you feel like living again.

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