Exams and studying

June 5, 2018

Hypnotherapy can be so helpful to anyone who suffers anxiety and worries when entering the exam hall.  Often people get so worked up they just can't recall the information and knowledge that they had spent so long studying.  Using hypnotherapy will allow them to control the fear of the exam room and allow them to stay relaxed and able to recall the information that they had studied as well as some more that they didn't realise they had studied.

People can also find it hard to motivate themselves to study in the first place and if this is the case then it is useful to use hypnotherapy to change their mindset to allow them to want to study without distractions.  

I helped someone recently to study towards important exams and he reported to being able to switch off his phone and not feel the need to constantly check social media as well as becoming far keener to set aside the time to study.  Another thing he reported was the ability to absorb the information he was reading was much easier than he found previously.

If you would like more information please get in touch.  

In the meantime the following link is an article about a previous teacher turned therapist and the results she has with using hypnotherapy on youngsters to help them with exams.



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