Stop Binge Eating Forever!

January 17, 2019



Can you imagine how wonderful life would be without the bingeing compulsion?

At the moment that might seem like an impossible dream.  When you are so used to having that secret part of your life to satisfy.  You know you that it's not good for you and you don't need it but it's satisfying a different need, the need to fill up your emotional and mental space.

It can not only seem like an impossible part of you to give up, it can also feel very scary too.  It's not a nice part of you but it's a familiar part of you.  

You can plan distractions, using creative ways to avoid temptation, it might work for a while but then something stresses or worries you and once again the power of your urge to binge wins with it's false promise of relief that never delivers.  


The truth is that using willpower alone never works, trying to stop an unconscious behavior pattern through conscious effort is impossible. You can't actually win a battle against yourself! However, unconscious behaviors certainly can, and do, change, but if you want them to change in a particular direction, you need to work with them, not against them. You need to get into collaboration with your unconscious mind, not go to war with it.

And this is where hypnosis can help.  

I can help you quickly and easily find the route, the cause and the reason for bingeing and what you are trying to replace in your life.  And then deal with these issues, allowing you to unclock any emotions that are causing this damaging behaviour. 

Most people see changes straight away and the changes are permanent.  


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