"I feel like I have addressed more than weight loss advantages.  I have felt great stress relief and also had a boost of self-confidence."​           Kelly

"The course was great, so relaxing and easy to relax.  It's time to chill and take in all that's being discussed.  It's focussed my mind on what I need to do."        Hazel

You probably already know that diets don't work!

Let me help you rethink your relationship with food, exercise and body shape.

While portion control and exercise are two major factors in managing your weight sometimes you might find that although you “consciously” know what you should be doing, you just seem to be stuck in your old habits.


  • Over-eat

  • Eat the wrong type of food

  • Avoid exercise

  • Eat to relieve emotions

  • Keep falling back to your old bad eating habits despite your best intentions 

Then this group rapid transformation course is for you.

 4 Group Rapid Transformation Therapy sessions 

  • NLP techniques to change your thinking around food

  • Self-Coaching skills training

  • An in-depth RTT session allowing you to source the reason why you are unable to stay in control around food.

  • 3 hypnotic recordings allowing you to transform the way you act and react around food.

  • A guided meditation recording that allows you to work towards the future you really want including work, happiness and fulfillment. 

Booking is essential as there is a maximum of 10 people in each group.  

The following are details of what we cover each week -

WEEK 1 is the preparation week. This includes a week listening to a hypnotherapy session that helps you prepare for the Transformation therapy. It helps you get used to the process of relaxing and listening to the sound of my voice guiding you into a relaxed state. There will also be some tasks that allow you to prepare for the course to give you the best opportunity to really get the most out of the course.


WEEK 2 is the week of Rapid Transformation Therapy. This is a process that is used to allow you to tune into where the route cause of why you overeat and have a bad relationship with food originated from. I then guide you to heal the reasons and change the way you view the causes of why you overeat using Cognitive Behavioural Techniques and NLP. I will then take you into a relaxed guided hypnosis session where I help you transform your thoughts and behaviours and habits to allow you to be able to easily and naturally and permanently change your relationship with food and more importantly your relationship with yourself by changing those deep routed inner beliefs. There will be more psychological techniques to put into place.


WEEK 3 - I help you learn to love yourself again. Most people I see with weight or food issues originate from our relationship with ourselves. I provide you with a hypnotic session to allow you to make changes to your subconscious mind to ensure that you really know and believe that you ARE worth it. we work on combatting sabotaging thoughts and behaviors and work towards solutions to stop that behaviour in it's tracks by understanding it and why we experience it. Again there will be daily psychological techniques to help transform you permanently so that overeating is something that you used to do.


WEEK 4 Is all about looking forward and helping you through guided meditations achieving your best life including, health, weight, self-love, relationships and much more, this is very powerful stuff. There will be more daily psychological tasks to continue with.


Each week you will receive an email with the tasks that will help and support you for the week. Each week I release the recordings to you to allow you to work with them at a rate and speed that works for you and when you can fit them into your busy life. And of course, you can contact me online at any time for extra support.


The cost of this is £125. To have all this on a one to one basis would cost £450 as it would be hours of working together. I will be happy to chat to you if you require any more information.


This is the 3rd time I have run this course and all the participants had great results and amazing transformations. Feedback includes comments such as - "I now feel in control of not only what I eat but also my life" "I now wake up looking forward to the day ahead and not what can I eat to make it through the day" "I love how my clothes feel and I haven't had to feel like I am missing out by dieting" "I find myself automatically choosing the healthy options because that is what I really actually want....amazing" "You will learn so much about yourself and understand why you've felt the way you've felt in the past and it's amazing how easy Lynsay makes you feel so much better without any effort from yourself"


Booking for this course is now open and will commence the week of 21st October, I will limit the participants so if you would like to take part, please let me know as soon as possible.                                        


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